Oilfield Scale Management Workshop

Duarte Silva, Giulia Ness, Ken Sorbie, Mike Singleton and Eric Mackay delivered a half day workshop at the Hilton Treetops Hotel in Aberdeen on 29 January, introducing the key elements of the FAST7 JIP (April 2019 – March 2022) and FASTrac one-to-one studies, and presenting four case studies in which the FAST JIP and FASTrac have delivered impact to the industry. Over 20 participants from industry signed up to attend, with some coming from as far afield as Norway and Italy for the event. As well as the presentations there were software demos for SQUEEZE and ScαleFAST software and examples of hardware, including 3D printed experimental equipment and cells for visualisation of flow and scale deposition in porous media. There were very active discussions during the workshop, and these continued over lunch and into the afternoon.

The level of support for FAST7 is looking good, with 8 companies who were not part of FAST6 also showing strong interest in joining.

1-FAST7 Workshop – FAST7 Proposal Aberdeen – 29 Jan 2019

2-FAST7 Workshop – Field Case Study 1 Scale Preciction Workflow Aberdeen – 29 Jan 2019

3-FAST7 Workshop – Field Case Study 2 Squeeze Treatment Design Aberdeen – 29 Jan 2019

4-FAST7 Workshop – Field Case Study 3 Low Salinity Waterflooding Aberdeen – 29 Jan 2019

5-FAST7 Workshop – Field Case Study 4 H2S Scavenging in Iron Bearing Substrates Aberdeen – 29 Jan 2019

6-FAST7 Workshop – FASTrac Capabilities Aberdeen – 29 Jan 2019

Agenda-FAST7-Aberdeen-Meeting January 2019